About : eleFantastiK ~ 100% KIDS !!!

Khushii Mahendru
Founder, eleFantastiK ~ 100% KIDS.


After I became mother of a Happy spirited boy we named Aryamman in 2009, i took off to the most beautiful journey of parenthood that am sure every girl feels similarly.

And then when I got to holiday with my son and hubby around the globe a couple of times after his birth and came across the cultures, technologies and the products that belong to the happy upbringing of KIDS there, i realised many of those AWESOME products were missing in India, thats when i got the idea of founding "eleFantastiK" which in an informal expression means "AWESOME". 

"eleFantastiK" therefore carries only HIGH QUALITY, UNIQUE, COLORFUL and AWESOME WORLD PRODUCTS that compliment every Kids's HAPPY & CAREFREE SPIRIT.

For every parent their child indeed is AWESOME FUN and FULLFILLING, and i dedicate my company ELEFANTASTIK, 100% to KIDS !!!

So lets celebrate your "ELEFANTASTIK" Child with some of my handpicked awesome Products and wish you a heart felt HAPPY PARENTING.